Daphne Broon's sponsored slim

Crivvens! Ah've tae loss some weight, an' it's no easy!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Its been non stop at Granpaw's allotment

Granpaw got a polytunnel, so its been non stop work at his allotment. Ahm fair puffed oot. Breakin oot in a sweat.Ah must ha loast, but am sad tae say it wis still 87 Kilos yesterday.
Shame o it.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Oh an anither thing

In case ye thocht ah wisnae really doin a sponsored slim, an in case ye wid like tae sponsor me...ye can donate at http://www.catsshetland.org.uk

... an no it isnae the cat protection!
Ah'm daen it cos ah hit ma heid badly last yearan amh no fully right yet but ah'm goanae dae sumthin tae help this guid cause, tae buy ah cat scanner, well a CT scanner!
The national health canny afford them ony mair cos these doctors , well at least the barra wan, up by the butan ben are earnin such a packet.
Ye can bringback the likes oh that nice doctor Finlay if ye ask me!

Ah thocht ah wis becomin obsessed....

Mibbe if ah didnae record ma thochts ah wid get thin.Just like that.
Nae chance .
Ah hiv tae admit ah hid a couple oh meals oot this week.A big dinner on friday ...it wis great, and a curry on saturday.
Meanwhile on the social side( its been a whirl), ah saw the bairn playing in the band on saturday.Ah wis fair proud.
Meanwhile bird flu's taken a grip.Granpaw an his croanies don't hiv a clue whit tae dae wi thir pigeons. Ahm no eatin them...that's fur sure.Ah'm clean gon aff chicken at the minute.
Well apart fae the chicken curry the night that wis.Joe made it.Ah'll eat anything if its given tae me on a plate...that's ma trouble!

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Whit a day, danced masel thin!

Oot at the dancin the night.Ma feet are fair beelin. Ah wis wearin high toaty narrow heeled boots, and wis tryin no tae fall aff.
There wis a guid spread as it wis a dinner dance. Great scones an bannocks an fancies.Ah didnae fancy ony o the men there except Sven o course, tho he didnae dance much...didnae ken a 'Boston' or a 'Quadrille'.
Anyways ah saved masel al day fur the dinner dance and am starvin noo!

Friday, April 14, 2006

Much mair back tae maself

Back tae work, back fae the holidays an back tae the grind.
Still weather is lookin up efter a miserably cauld snap.
The work is awash wi new stuff in the fridge oot a the deli van. Imagine a deli van in Auchenshuggle! Its true, but.
Ah hid some special wenslydale on oat cakes, wi pickled peppers fur lunch.Pasta again fur tea.Apart from the bairn's white chocolat fudge am eatin only enough fur a sparrow.
Ma wee man at the office thocht a hid loast.Mibbe he's right.Monday will tell.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

ah've been so busy ah forgot tae slim

Ate a whole box o the bairn's white chocolate fudge in response tae this wummin still wantin ma room! Nuf said.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Ahmm back

Back fae the holidays, an it wis braw.
Am knackered tho, an there is soo much tae tell.
Ah managed tae climb a hill wi the twins an the bairn.Aebody else let me go as they kent ah wis wantin tae lose weight. Mind you it wis tough an it wis sleetin at the top. The best bit wis the hot soup an the cloutie dumplin at the bottom in a wee pub.
Saunas an jacuzzis do not help weight aff. I thocht all that sweatin wid dae it but a wis wrang. I thocht all that pummelin fae the water in the jacuzzi wid work but ah wis wrang. In the end ah found a book on the side of the 'brans flakes' about the 'f' plan diet, an ah thocht ah wid gie it anither go. it make s a load oh sense. ( don't they all!)Ah'll fin oot the morrow if it his worked, as ma scales are broken. But ahthink ah hiv lost, an ah think a ken the reason.
Horace is at university an ah've been up an doon that many closes lookin fir a flat for him an his pals next year, that ma claes are fair hingin aff me , so thay are.Ah've seen that many closes an that many ye'd be mortified to hing yer claes oot the back o. That many mingin wans. Dirty bissums. Maw makes sure oor close is like a new pin, right doon tae the dunny.
Anyways ah've found a weepalace up Maryhill way, that ah widnae be ashamed to put 'Broon' on the door.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Aff tae Loch Lomond fur the holidays the morrow

Hey hey hey.We hiv rented a big hoose. Nae but an ben this year as the ben end needs renovatin.This new log cabin has got a sauna and a jacuzzi. Sven is comin up fur the weekend.
Ye ken whit thay scandinavians are lik wi saunas. Canny wait....and ah shud sweat a couple o stone aff at least!